Reasons to Hire a Professional for Appliance Installation

Many kitchen appliance customers are choosing products designed specifically to make their homes more functional and comfortable. Hiring a professional for appliance installation in Washington, DC, saves them headaches, money, and time. Some customers may be able to do an adequate job of installing or repairing appliances themselves, but here are three reasons why it’s smart to hire an experienced expert to do it.

Warranties & Safety

Appliance warranties often carry a clause covering appliance installation. This often states that the appliance should be installed, maintained, or repaired by a professional. Once a skilled expert installs the device, the warranty may be satisfied. It will also ensure that the installation is correctly performed and that you don’t have to worry that the device is gas, fire, or electrical hazard as the result of incorrect installation.

Less Clutter

Hiring a professional for appliance installation ensures that the technician also has the parts and equipment required to perform the job. There is no need for you to make repetitive trips to the hardware store for tools and equipment, which may be useful for this one-time purpose, and then clutter up the garage.


Professional appliance installation, repair, and service may also save you money — for example, it can prevent the hassle of needing to go to a laundromat when your washing machine fails. You might also save money on electricity when your dryer works more efficiently or by not needing the money to replace clothing ruined by a dryer running too hot.


Signs it’s Time for a New Dishwasher

dishwasherAs with any appliance in your kitchen, your dishwasher will eventually start to show signs that it should be replaced. To help you assess whether you need a new dishwasher, here are the top three indications that it may be time to replace it. If you notice any of these points, it may be time to look at some new kitchen appliances in Rockville, MD.

Its Starting to Rust

A few specs of rust on the outside of a dishwasher may not mean immediate replacement, but if you start to see rust on the inside of your dishwasher, you will need to upgrade as soon as possible. Rust in appliances is a key sign that there is a water leak or some other serious problem. Its also very likely that small specs of rust are getting onto your clean dishes.

Water Remains After a Wash

There should never be standing water inside your dishwasher after the cycle has ended. Its common to find small amounts of water inside mugs or bowls, but you should not see a pool of water at the bottom of the dishwasher. The drain may be clogged, but if this is not the case, you may need to call an appliances expert and a plumber to replace your entire dishwasher.

The Door Doesnt Lock

A broken lock or latch will often mean you must repair or replace your dishwasher. This is generally because it will be unable to run a wash cycle if the door is not securely latched. Depending on the make and model dishwasher you have, this could be a simple repair. Sadly, if your dishwasher is old, it may be difficult to find the parts for repair.

Upgrading a Kitchen for a Foodie

Kitchen Appliance Installation ServiceIf you are a foodie, then the upside of remodeling a kitchen or building your dream kitchen in a new home is being able to pick out all the time saving, high-quality kitchen features that make your life easier and your kitchen time more enjoyable. Picking the right layout and appliances and having a kitchen appliance installation service will ensure a magical kitchen fit for any foodie.

Here are a few amazing ideas to help your dream kitchen work beautifully:

Buy the Right Vent Hood

Vent hoods over cooking ranges are rated by the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air they can suck from a kitchen. First, there is no real point in buying a hood that is larger than your range. It will not suck more smoke out, and it won’t look right.

As a tip, gas ranges tend to generate more heat than electric ones, and a kitchen appliance installation service will tell you that they require more powerful vent hoods.

Invest in Proper Knife Storage

Leaving expensive knives in a cutlery drawer will damage the blades. Ideally, kitchen knives should be stored in an organized way and kept separate, with their blades horizontally oriented, so the knife never rests on its blade.

Store Your Pans and Pot Lids in Pullouts or Rollouts

One ingenious solution to storing pots and pans is having pullouts built. Also, to stop pot lids from jamming up all the drawers, build shallow rolling drawers to stash lids side by side neatly.

What Kind of Oven is Right for You

Appliances in Rockville, MDYour kitchen oven is used for baking your favorite cake recipes and for making love-filled, home-cooked meals for your family and friends. Choosing the right oven can make a big difference in your kitchen’s look, feel, and function. During a kitchen remodel, or when building a home, there are many considerations when choosing an oven, including the size, type, color, and price. It can be a difficult task to decide on the perfect oven from amongst all the appliances in Rockville, MD.

Here are some points to think about when selecting the best kitchen oven for your needs:

Wall Oven or Range

Do you prefer a wall oven or a range unit that combines the oven and cooktop?  Wall ovens usually have less cubic space than range ovens; however, they are often much more convenient for inserting and taking out hot food because you do not have to bend down.  Another plus is the addition of more cupboard space below the cooktop for cabinets.

Related: Double or Single Oven?

In terms of oven appliances, do you need a double oven or a single one? If you select a wall oven, you may have the option of installing double ovens (two wall ovens with independent heat and controls) that allow you to cook two different dishes at different temperatures when needed.


Cleaning ovens is a chore, but opting out of the self-cleaning feature can save you some money. However, self-cleaning ovens often have more insulation, and they tend to keep the heat in better, which may save you money on energy costs, potentially offsetting the initial added expense.

Why Kitchen Appliance Installations are Best Performed by Professionals

Kitchen Appliance Installation ServiceAppliances are generally expensive, valuable pieces of equipment that are essential for any homeowner. Risking damage to the items you’ve worked hard to acquire is not something anyone wants, which is why it’s usually best to rely on a professional kitchen appliance installation service to handle the process. With a knowledgeable team performing the procedure, you can rest assured that your equipment is in the most qualified hands.

Mitigate Risk & Avoid Consequences

When attempting to install your appliances yourself, you risk damage to the devices, your home, and your safety. There are just too many dangerous consequences that can result from small mistakes. If you’re unfamiliar with a specific appliance or you’re not confident you can complete the process with no issues, that’s when it’s time to call up a kitchen appliance installation service.

If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced company to assist in implementing your kitchen technology within your new home, one of the most reputable businesses in the area is Quality Kitchens. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide you with quick and efficient services that ensure satisfactory results.

Essential Appliances for Your New Home

Appliances in Rockville, MDMoving into a new home can be an exciting time. You get to discover places you’ve never seen before and have the opportunity to start fresh. That fresh start should also include new appliances in Rockville, MD. You need to ensure your house is outfitted with the latest innovations, from dishwashers to toaster ovens. Before you get settled into your new home, take the time to determine what types of equipment you will require.

Figuring What Appliances You Already Have

Most modern homes come with dishwashers, ovens, and even microwaves already installed. If yours does not, these are the three appliances you should acquire first. Dishwashers make it easy to maintain clean and useful dishes, ovens and stovetops are necessary for any type of cooking, and microwaves give you the ability to throw together a quick meal with minimal work.

Even if your home came with appliances already installed, you don’t have to settle for what the old owners used. What may have suited their needs just fine may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if there are connections present but no appliances, a professional team, like the crew at Quality Kitchens, can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your needs, as well as hand the installation process.

Hiring a Specialist to Fix DIY Mistakes

Kitchen Appliance Installation ServiceIf you want to make sure your appliances will last long and serve their purpose right, then it’s best to have a professional install it. We understand the appeal of wanting to conduct a DIY installation; kitchen appliances aren’t like a construction project, so why not give it a go yourself, right? In the end, sometimes, you may end up spending more money fixing the mistake than getting it done right the first time. We provide kitchen appliance installation service so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new wares.

Mistakes happen; we understand, and that’s why we want our customers to know that we’re a phone call away to help you out. DIYs are very popular, and we are glad that our customers want to try to learn new skills; we’ve got your back should you find yourself stuck somewhere along the way of your project, or maybe too far gone. Our kitchen appliance installation service is there so that we can teach you how the appliances work and make sure all the steps are followed during the process.

Call us today if you need help fixing your DIY mistakes, and we’ll be glad to give you a hand. Our professional team is experienced with all our products and can have you up and running in no time.

How Does a Kitchen Hood Help You?

Kitchen Range Hood InstallationMost of us may look at our kitchen and see that hood hanging over our stoves. What is it? Why is it there? Is it just a fancy fan that makes smells and smoke dissipate? In a way, yes; the fan is part of the mechanism, but it’s definitely not all the hood is meant for. Getting a kitchen range hood installation can help clear out airborne grease, fumes, combustion products, heat, smoke, and steam through its filtering system. All in all, it is a fancy and essential part of your kitchen.

Your range hood is quite durable and has a long lifespan; that being said, it’s essential to note when it’s time to have it changed or upgraded. Don’t underestimate the importance of investing in a new one. As time goes on, the wear and tear on your kitchen range hood will decrease its ability to filter pollutants and grease properly. Whether you’re renovating or just upgrading, make sure that your next kitchen range hood installation is the best quality for you.

If you want to think of the range hood as a more aesthetic accessory for your kitchen, that would be entirely valid. Kitchen hoods are made in a variety of different styles so it can match the vibe of your home, and more specifically, you. Getting a brand new kitchen range hood installation can, therefore, increase the property value of your house if you’re looking to sell it. Now you know that these fancy fans are genuinely beneficial for you in more ways than one! Contact us today to learn more about our appliances.

The Advantages of Choosing a Professional Installer

You have big ideas for your kitchen. Maybe you want to be ready for any special occasion with a wine chiller, or you’re considering the possibilities with a smart refrigerator. Before you start ordering new appliances in Rockville, MD, examine the logistics behind a new installation. Choosing a professional installer to make an upgrade in your kitchen is a sound decision. In this post, we’ll discuss why that’s a good idea.

Before deciding on replacing an appliance, you need to assess your ability to make those changes. Evaluate your capabilities: do you have the resources and knowledge to replace a garbage disposal or dishwasher? A professional installer is prepared to make home upgrades. They have the training and experience to handle a variety of projects. In addition, they will have the proper tools and equipment to complete these installation projects.

Another service that a professional appliance installer provides is ongoing support. Many of these companies offer maintenance plans that will ensure the new addition to your kitchen operates as intended. They can even provide repair services should anything go wrong.

Making upgrades to your home can be exciting. However, it is essential to balance expectations with reality. When purchasing a new appliance, make sure you have the support that will allow it to operate as intended.

What Appliances Should You Replace?

Kitchen Appliance Installation ServiceGiven today’s modern conveniences around the kitchen, it can be easy to take fresh food and clean dishes for granted. As such, when one of your appliances malfunctions, it is all too easy to have your routine thrown in disarray. That’s why it’s useful to have kitchen appliance installation service handy to keep your household running as smoothly as possible.

Addressing a problem before it becomes one is the most effective way to approach home maintenance. When it comes to kitchen appliances, what should be your priority? Here are a few suggestions.

Garbage Disposal: The garbage disposal is probably one of the most-used appliances in your home. Considering that it is exposed to water whenever you use the sink, its internal parts have an accelerated rate of wear and tear. If you have the privilege of owning a disposal, then you might want to invest in models that facilitate easy, hot-swap style replacements.

Refrigerator: Your refrigerator has to be able to run at all hours of the day, every day. If it can’t, then you won’t be able to store food or keep things fresh. Naturally, newer models will also tend to be more energy-efficient, so it may pay off to replace this appliance when you feel you need to. When shopping for new refrigerators, make sure it has a strong warranty backing it up.

Oven and Range: If you cook often, then the stove and range will probably be seeing a lot of action, too. Much like refrigerators, you may want to replace this unit whenever more efficient models come out. Keeping an eye on this appliance will matter since older units will be more likely to fail or cause safety concerns.