Electrical Circuits for Kitchens

A typical kitchen requires several electrical circuits. While bedrooms or family rooms are commonly served by a single, standard lighting circuit, a modern kitchen is likely to have about seven circuits due to its hardwired electrical appliances. Here is a list of the most commonly used circuits in a kitchen.

A modern refrigerator requires a dedicated 20-amp, 120/125-volt circuit. 12/2 NM wire with a ground is required for the wiring.

If you’ve sought an appliance contractor for oven installation in Washington, D.C., you likely know that an electric range will need a dedicated 240/250-volt, 50-amp circuit. This means you’ll need to install a 6/3 NM cable (or #6 THHN wire in a conduit) to feed the range. However, a gas range will only require a 120/125-volt receptacle to feed the range.

A dishwasher circuit should be a dedicated 120/125-volt, 15-amp circuit. It is fed with a 14/2 NM wire with a ground.

A microwave oven needs a dedicated 20-amp, 120/125-volt circuit to feed it. This will require 12/2 NM wire with a ground.

Small Appliances
Above your countertop, you will need two dedicated 20-amp, 120/125-volt circuits to run your small appliance loads (toasters, blenders, coffee pots, etc.).

Garbage Disposal
A dedicated 15-amp circuit is required for a garbage disposal. It is fed by a 14/2 NM cable with a ground.

Lighting Circuit
A 15-amp, 120/125-volt dedicated circuit is required to power the ceiling fixtures, under-cabinet  fixtures, and track lights (if you have them).

Spring Cleaning Your Refrigerator

For many of us, pleasant weather is a sign that it’s time to get started on our annual spring cleaning. This year, consider adding your refrigerator and freezer to your list of areas and items to be cleaned. Not only does a clean refrigerator mean a tidier kitchen, but getting rid of food that’s been kept too long or stored improperly can prevent illness. The following are the steps you’ll need to know to guarantee cleanliness after refrigerator installation in Gaithersburg, MD.

Throw Out Old Food
If food appears or smells strange, throw it away. Otherwise, check the labels for dates and toss out any items that have been expired for over a month.

Wash the Shelves and Drawers
Take out any removable shelves and drawers and wash them down with a microfiber cloth that’s been submerged in hot water and dish soap. To prevent cracking, any pieces made of glass or ceramic should warm up to room temperature first before coming into contact with hot water.

Wipe Down the Interior
From top to bottom, wipe down the empty interior of your fridge. Treat tough spills with a small amount of baking soda. Repeat the same process on the interior of the door.

Clean the Exterior
Dip a scrub brush in warm and soapy warmer and clean the gasket seal. Scrub the hinges as well, then wipe dry. Next, wipe down the exterior with all-purpose spray and clean from top to bottom. Be sure not to miss the underside of the door handles, as this is where our hands mostly come in contact.

Vacuum the Coils
The coils of your refrigerator can be found on the underside or back of the unit. Using the dust attachment of your vacuum, remove any dust that has built up among the coils.

Common Causes of a Leaky Refrigerator

When it comes to leaks or moisture found on your kitchen floor, they don’t always originate from your sink or dishwasher. Your refrigerator may be to blame, even if it doesn’t have a water dispenser or ice maker.

A Damaged Drain Pan
To prevent pooling inside the food storage area, your refrigerator drains water into a pan. With age and use, your pan may crack and cause water to drip onto the floor. Inspect your drain pan by removing your refrigerator’s kick plate and following the drain line to the pan.

An Obstructed Defrost Drain
This small drain opening is easily blocked by debris or ice, thus preventing water that accumulated during the defrost cycle from draining to the pain. If enough water builds up, it can leak onto the floor. Try clearing the drain by flushing it with hot water.

A Faulty Water Filter or Ice Maker
If there is a poor connection between the water filter or ice maker and the water supply, water will likely escape. Inspect the filter and housing assembly for any signs of dripping, which can be spotted on the outside of the filter and into the fridge’s interior. Then, inspect the water-line connections to the ice maker which may have become loose or damaged.

If your refrigerator is over ten years old, you may want to consider a replacement. To replace your current unit with the help of professional refrigerator installation service in Rockville, contact us at 301.987.9700.

Five Common Kitchen Styles

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are endless styles and décor ideas that you can choose from. Here are some of the most common styles you can consider for a kitchen remodel before investing in décor and kitchen appliance installation in MD.

Traditional kitchens typically incorporate painted cabinets with or without glass front doors, simple granite or laminate countertops, and hardwood floors. They incorporate soft, muted colors such as creams, taupes and light grays.

A rustic-style kitchen utilizes natural materials such as wood and timber, stone, and brick. Metal/industrial-style touches are also common. Painted finishes in earth tones help create a warm and inviting space.

Cottages naturally bring with them the idea of comfort and beauty. Homeowners can incorporate this in their remodeling by using simple patterns, soft colors, vintage accessories, natural wood accents, and old-fashioned decor themes.

Contemporary kitchens are the epitome of the sleek, minimalist layout. Characterized by dark wood or black cabinetry, fresh white countertops and smooth stainless steel appliances, the contemporary kitchen is functional and sometimes artistic in nature. Contemporary styles often include curves and pops of bold colors.

Modern kitchens can come in many forms. However, they are typically highlighted by neutral colors, strong lines, minimal décor and man-made materials such as laminate, ceramics and plastics.

The Difference Between Ovens, Stoves and Ranges

appliance installation Rockville MDAs home cooking has evolved over the decades, the terms we call our cooking appliances have also changed. However, there are very definable differences between an oven, a stove and a range. Keep reading to learn what separates these appliances before requesting your appliance installation in Rockville, MD.

An oven is simply a chamber used for cooking, heating or baking food. This can include home ovens, countertop toaster ovens, industrial ovens, and even earth ovens.
While an oven does not refer to anything outside the cooking chamber, such as a burner, many people still refer to the entire unit as an oven.

Technically, a stove is any enclosed space that uses fuel to generate heat. There are many kinds of stoves that provide heat but aren’t used for cooking, such as coal stoves. That being said, ovens can actually be seen as a subset of stoves.
Usually, stoves often include what’s called a stovetop. Stovetops can be separated from the stove and exist on their town, where they’re typically called “cooktops”. These surfaces can use gas or electric heat.

When a stovetop has its own fuel and is connected to an oven, this all-in-one appliance is called a “range”. A range is most likely what is in your kitchen.

What to Do When Your Dishwasher Won’t Drain

dishwasher installation servicesIf you find water standing in the bottom of your dishwasher, you may need to call a professional for help. However, you can attempt to rectify the problem yourself first by trying the following:

Look for a blockage
Check for a blockage by ensuring there are no objects blocking the sump area in the rear of the tub. If not, inspect the drain hose (where it connects below the sink) for a blockage or kink.

Clean the filter
Some dishwashers have a simple screen filter, some have removable filters below the screen, and some require removing the bottom spray arm.

Run your disposer
If you have a garbage disposer, run it to clear the drain system.  Remember that you should turn on your disposer prior to running the dishwasher in order to first rid any food or debris from the drain system.

Clean the air gap
Look for a small cylinder on the back edge of your kitchen sink. If water comes out of the air gap when you run your dishwasher, the blockage is between the air gap and the garbage disposer. Remove the air gap cap and clean way any debris.

Look into your detergent
Using the wrong type of detergent, or too much of it can cause sudsing that may prevent the dishwasher from properly draining.

Because improper installation can cause issues with your appliances, you shouldn’t leave your major appliance installation in the hands of just anyone. If you are replacing your unit or buying one for the first time, contact us for professional dishwasher installation service in Maryland.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Refrigerator

refrigerator installation serviceMost will agree that replacing their refrigerator isn’t a small investment, as this household staple should last at least 10 years. But how do you know if you really need to replace your refrigerator, or if it just needs some servicing? Here are some signs of common fridge problems that could suggest it’s time for a replacement.

Your Food Is Going Bad Quickly
If your produce, meats, or dairy are spoiling faster than usual, there’s a problem. It could be using a lot more energy than it should while attempting to keep food cold, which means you’re wasting energy and paying more than you should on your electric bill. While investing in a new refrigerator and refrigerator installation service may seem costly at first, you will stop wasting money on spoiled food or a high electric bill.

The Motor Is Hot
Some heat from the back of your refrigerator is normal, but an excessive amount of heat is a sign that something is wrong. While this may be solved with replacing your fridge’s coils, it’s likely time for a replacement if the unit also has other signs of inefficiency.

There’s Frost in Your Freezer
While you obviously want your freezer to keep your food frozen, you shouldn’t have to chisel away ice just so you can reach your bag of vegetables. First, try defrosting the freezer; if you plug it back in afterwards and the problem continues, it may be time to consider a replacement.

It’s More Than 10 Years Old
The older an appliance is, the more costly it becomes to repair it. If your refrigerator is more than 10 years old and no longer efficient, it’s time to start looking for a new one.

The Benefits of Range Hoods

range hood installers

While considering the appliances needed in your new kitchen, a range hood may be among the less obvious. However, they are easily one of the most important appliances you can have in your home.

Here’s a list of some of the most important benefits you will receive from purchasing and installing a range hood.

Removing Excess Heat
Whether heat is coming from your cooktop or steam is rising from your food, the suction and flow of fresh hair provided by a range hood will prevent heat from being directed at your face. This way, you can focus more on cooking rather than the sweat on your brow.

Improving Air Quality
Range hoods remove air contaminants from smoke to odors to steam to airborne grease, thus improving the air quality in your home.

Additional Lighting
With a range hood, you will have an additional source of lighting readily available for both cooking and cleaning purposes. Also, for simple tasks such as grabbing a midnight snack, why use the energy of multiple overhead lights if you can switch on one bulb above your stove?

Improves Property Value
Expert range hood installers know that not owning one of these appliances could actually lessen the resale value of your home. Many homeowners have come to expect the luxury of a range hood, so being without one (or even having one that’s in need of an upgrade) may avert someone from buying your home.


Simple Dishwasher Installations

Appliances Rockville MD | QualityKitchens.netOne of the greatest appliances of the modern area, the dishwasher has become an important part of any home. Whether you are searching for a new home or just trying to update your kitchen, the dishwasher is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. When you need a new dishwasher installed, you can trust the talented team at Quality Kitchens to help you.

Installing a dishwasher is not a simple process. You can’t just take the dishwasher, slap it in the wall, and call it a day. The team at Quality Kitchens is prepared to assist you with your needs. Our team is able to remove your existing unit with ease, haul them away, and make sure that your new dishwasher is hooked up properly. Because we have been doing appliance installations for more than 25 years, you can rest assured that we will have no problem working with your current unit. Our business can assist your both residential and commercial installations.

Are you interested in learning more about our services? Call us today at (301) 987-97010 to inquire about our receiving help installing your appliances in Rockville, MD. We not only work with dishwashers, we also help with refrigerators, ranges, and range hoods.

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